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Default RE: Ace Allstar Bipe

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So who has an Ace Ultimate bipe and what wheels are you using? we fly from a decent field and with a .25 it should take off from a picnic table but my 1/2a experience with landing quite often leads to "pranging" upon landing and if this thing lands fast then that would lead to "fast pranging", which doesnt sound like much what is a good size wheel?..Rog
I may not go with a .25 maybe a .15
The kit comes with tires (the kit is actually quite complete). I flew one from a grassfield. It was ok. My plane was decently powered with a used k&b 20. It sure was a nice running motor. My plane never flew very well for me. I think it may have been too heavy as I glassed the wings. I used a light cloth and finishing resin and painted them.