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Default RE: what do i use to convert my AFPD video!!!


There is NO way to convert the AFPD .rec files to a WMV file or any other files that can be played using Windows Media Player, these files just recored the co-ordinates of how the aircraft moves, when you play it back it uses the 3D model of the aircraft you have recorded and moves it through the sequence that you recorded.

However there is a way to record videos in AFPD, you need a program called "FRAPS" which you can get [link=http://www.fraps.com/]HERE[/link], with the free version you can only record for up to 30secs if you want to record for more than that you have to pay $37 for the registered version. That's what I used for [link=http://www.streamload.com/Deliver/Deliver.asp?cxInstID=15770324&nodeID=1661051228&returnPage=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Estreamload%2Ecom%2FN odes%2FNode%2Easp%3FcxInstID%3D15770324%26nodeID%3 D1139463089%26alreadyCurrentTab%3Dtrue]THIS[/link] video.

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