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Default RE: Cellpro 4s Balancing Charger


The biggest issue solved by the Cellpro 4s charger is the Lithium safety issue. The Cellpro charger cannot get the cell count wrong and it cannot get the charge current wrong from a 1C rate. Additionally, by balancing your packs on every charge, you have also resolved some of the longevity issues related to unbalanced cells. The Cellpro 4s charger is the biggest step to safe charging and longer lasting packs.

The Cellpro 4s DPM also addresses the longevity issue by monitoring each cell during flight and shutting off the motor when the weakest cell is depleted. The cost and weight of the Cellpro DPM makes it less attractive to small parkflyers and indoor foamies. Once the plane become larger and the Lithium packs more expensive, the Cellpro DPM starts looking more attractive. As packs age, each cell develops a different capacity and the Cellpro DPM allows you to continue using the pack to the limits of the weakest cell.

It is not imperative that you use the Cellpro DPM as the discharge power line are not routed through it as in the BalancePro HD DPM.

Also keep in mind the concepts of pack temperature not exceeding 150 degrees F and using 70% of the so-called C rating as a realistic maximum current draw.