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I have finally found an airplane that will stand up to my antics but first a little history, other than my scratch-built giant-scales I believe in using a plane to the edge of it's (pilot's) ability, not consciously, it just happens and I have made a lot of balsa-mono cote confetti over the past 30 years.

Anyway two weeks ago on a regular Saturday outing to the flying field with half a dozen balsa built gasoline burning planes that require a small army to prepare, start, taxi, run-up, and put away I was remarking that a little areobatic plane I could carry across the street to the park and play with would be a lot more fun than the hours of preparation, planning and logistics to take these oversized toys to the actual flying field. Anyway while at the flying field I was watching one of my fellow club member with this white and obviously foam electric out in a 15+ mph wind just having a ball. He offered the sticks to me, I played all the 3d maneuvers I could muster 5 feet in front of us (in a gusting 15+ wind) and was hooked, I had to have one. He said that luckily for us they are manufactured 15 miles away by a company called E-Foamy.

I couldn't get the trailer packed up quick enough to get home and get online and find out more about this airplane. (Takes 2 hours to pack everything back into the trailer) Anyway the plane is called a Quick-Stick and for under $100 I got the plane, servo's, motor, speed controller and the Welders Glue. Of course it was Friday afternoon by the time I finally got it picked up so after flying helicopters in the park till dark we went back down to the plane shop and started building the Quick-Stick. Finally completing it at 1230am Saturday morning of course I had to take it to the park, which is lit by three street lights, and test fly it. All was good except I had the CG way to far back so I couldn’t slow it down. On the second flight I was turning in front of the trees thinking that I had plenty of room when that one lone branch 50' up that sticks out 20' further than all the rest grabbed the plane. We (my wife, my flying partner and his wife, their teenage daughter myself and my teenage daughter) spent the next two hours trying to get it out of the tree with fishing poles and 4oz sinkers, a 1/4” nylon rope with a padlock tied to the end, two ladders, a pole saw etc. Finally about 230am we gave up and everyone went to bed. Now I knew that the plane was probably damaged beyond repair because it had been hit several time with the sinkers and had the 1/4” rope around it at least 1 time.

Saturday morning dawns and back to the park we (just the wife this time) go with fishing pole and another box of sinkers in hand to attempt the rescue of the plane. An hour of casting practice later and the plane had not moved, it was caught with both wings in down in separate v's on the tree. The light finally came on so across the alley to the helpful Ace Hardware store I went and $20 worth of 1” PVC pipe and couplers later I was able to fish the pipe up through the tree and push the plane out. It started to take a nose-dive and my wife was there for the big catch at which time it rolled inverted and glided about 100' out into the ball diamond. She chased it down carrier it back and after close examination, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the plane, it was still in one piece and perfect condition.

The lipo was toast, it was a 3s 1050 but it was down to less than 4 volts in the pack. The wiring going to the motor had all melted together but I hooked a 2650 up to it that I had on the bench and it run up just fine so there appears to be no damage to the speed controller. I tossed the motor after that because I'm not sure how long the wiring would have lasted but the plane itself shows no signs what-so-ever of having ever crashed.

So to make a long story longer, if your looking for a very capable foamy that can do some moderate 3d and excellent wind penetration, check out the [link=]Quick-Stick by E-Foamy[/link]. I'm getting two more for the kids!

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