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Tricktrack 10-08-2005 10:52 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
Has anyone thought of putting an EVO 35 on one of these?

iflywhenican 10-09-2005 09:04 AM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
I've got one on the way. Has anybody gotten an all-up weight on it yet? Just wondering if a 50 engine would be right for it. The manual states that it was flown with a DA 50, but was overpowered with it...my guess is that it should be about right.
What do you guy's think?

drumbum 10-09-2005 09:07 AM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
if its overpowered by manufactures specs then it has to be just right:D

EXTRA ADDICT 10-09-2005 09:47 AM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
Well my progress has halted for a while as I went and ruptured a disc in my back[:@]! I think a 50cc would be awsome on this thing! I did a little comparing and this Ultimate is sligtly larger than the one put out by Aeroworks/ World models. I have not seen one of theirs in person say I can't comment on how they are built and they recommend a DA 50. The constuction of this one is top notch and seems to be very strong not to mention they give you the template in the manual plus 1/2 inch standoffs to install a Fugi 43. In my opinion any of the 50ccers would do great on this thing!

iflywhenican 10-09-2005 05:59 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
OUCH!!! That's bad company you have there Extra. Hope that gets away from you soon.
I did some checking and the GP Ulti has an even larger wingspan (one inch) and is two inches longer than the Wild Hare Ulti and it weighs around 16 pounds, so I think we will be on target with a 50. [sm=thumbup.gif]

BoneDoc 10-09-2005 06:12 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
My question is: how come it's 2 lbs lighter than the WH Ultimate?

EXTRA ADDICT 10-09-2005 09:24 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
Well I will say it is light but right now I still have no radio,servos or motor installed and we know how companys fudge there advertised weights on planes just look at the F-90!

iflywhenican 10-10-2005 02:15 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
Anyway that you can weigh it now, with nothing installed?

EXTRA ADDICT 10-10-2005 04:07 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
Sorry I can't get a weight on it right now I have my scales loaned out.

mrbigg 10-10-2005 04:29 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
I'd put a 50 in it for sure.

EXTRA ADDICT 10-15-2005 11:02 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
Well I have made a little more progress and I must say the fit and finish of this plane is awsome but, I will be damned if I am gonna trust a plane I am gonna 3D to solder clevices![:@] I just ordered 4-40 threaded rod that I will cover with carbon fibre tube for my linkages. So far that is my only gripe and I hope to get an all up weight on it this week. I must say I can't see 12.5 pounds even with an OS 160 I don't know where they got that from but we will see. I hope I am wrong but I se a DA 50 being the right combo for this plane or maybe a Moki 2.10.

iflywhenican 10-16-2005 09:22 AM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
Extra...I went to Lowe's last night and picked up the 4-40 all-thread rod that I needed to build my ultimate. It is pre-packaged (2 to a pack) and different lengths. I am doing the same as you, 4-40 rod plus carbon fibre...."rock solid"!!! I'm using DuBro safety clevis' also. No way do I see 13 pounds. Think a Brison 3.2 is my choice...to me it is an easier to set up engine than the DA 50 and doesn't cost as much. Just my preference though.

BoneDoc 10-16-2005 09:33 AM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
What makes you think that it won't come in at 13 lbs?

iflywhenican 10-16-2005 06:21 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
Well, if it comes out at 13 pounds, that will be the "ultimate." (Sorry bout that) It may with a OS 160, but I am not planning to use that engine.

EXTRA ADDICT 10-16-2005 07:34 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
I am getting my scales back this week so I will post some weights on this thing.

DMehalko 10-16-2005 11:04 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160

ORIGINAL: iflywhenican

Well, if it comes out at 13 pounds, that will be the "ultimate." (Sorry bout that) It may with a OS 160, but I am not planning to use that engine.

Lookin at trying out their recomended 3d set-up witht he 1.6FX, only because i have one sitting down in the basement.
Also this plane is built very light, looks like it will be super-nose heavy with the 50ccers as it was designed around the 1.6FX.

We'll see....;)

EXTRA ADDICT 10-18-2005 07:19 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
Well guys it is hard to believe but this baby is light I weighed mine today and I am just under 12 pounds minus the battery, receiver, throttle servo and the 4-40 linkage rods. I have the BGX-3500 mounted with prop spinner cowl and all and that BGX is a porker not much lighter than some of the 50cc gassers out there. There is no doubt in my mind you can build this plane with an OS 160 and be at 12.5 pounds or less!:D This thing would be a monster with a DA50 on it!:D I am expecting my weigh with fuel to be just over 13 pounds!:D

iflywhenican 10-18-2005 08:25 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
Great Planes has a new engine out now that is also aimed at the Ultimate...it's a Fuji BT-43, it was just released for sale last week. I don't know anything about this engine only that is "just short" of being a 50. Wish somebody would build one with this engine.
Extra...keep us informed as to anything we should look out for when building. I haven't had time to get started on mine yet. Did you use the provided C A hinges on yours?

EXTRA ADDICT 10-18-2005 08:44 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
Yes I used the CA hindges I have always had good luck with them. I was looking at the BT-43 as well and I think I would go with the EVO 35gt before I would the Fugi it is a little more money but if you look at the power rating they appear the same but if you notice the fugi is rated @ 4.2 hp @11,000 rpm and the EVO is rated at 4.1 @ 8500 which is alot more realistic. The EVO is also alot lighter than the Fugi. I have been pulling my hair out over it because the EVO is only a couple oz heavier than my BGX and it will swing a bigger prop. I will try to finish mine up this week and maiden her this weekend as my back is much better now so I got to go get some stick time:D!

thevirginian 10-19-2005 12:05 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
Hey, Addict
I am also going to buy this airplane. Tower has it on sale now, with the Fuji 43, for $839.00 minus $20.00 for e-mail rebate. I don't think th e new Fuji 43 is such a bad motor. It seems to be a newly designed concept, has three !! ball bearings supporting the crank and is a relatively lightweight, considereing it comes with a slim mufler. The only thing I dislike on this motor is the mounting configuration build into the crank case. Those four ears look kinda weak. But on the other hand Hobby Services is well known for standing behind their products. I might order me one pretty soon, I think.

EXTRA ADDICT 10-19-2005 12:21 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
Before you do check with Cheif aircraft they are selling the combo with a BME 50 for 800 bucks! I think that includes shipping.

iflywhenican 10-19-2005 02:44 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
Extra...you better check again at Chief...they must have had a quick price increase...:(

GP ULTIMATE-BME50 Airplane Gas Ultimate Biplane 1.60 ARF with BME 50 Engine w/o Muffler Combo, Great Planes $895.00

EXTRA ADDICT 10-19-2005 03:46 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
I just saw that yesterday![&:] I guess someone at Cheif caught the price I couldn't believe it when I saw it. Sorry it was a killer price I guess it was too good to be true. Even at 895 that is still not a bad price for the combo.

CRAZYRYAN 10-19-2005 06:42 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
notice his workshop is in the kitchen? wonder where he eats? any ideas??:D:D:D


Well here is my progress with the Ultimate. I must say I am very impressed with the fit and quality of this ARF it is one of the best I have put together so far!

EXTRA ADDICT 10-19-2005 06:49 PM

RE: Great planes ultimate 160
Actually thats my living room. I have a very understanding wife:D I got her into flying as well so I can get away with stuff like that.

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