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Default RE: Predator Gasser Newbie Review

Hello and Good evening.
I guess I should reply to this thread.
I recently purchased a Predator Gasser SE. This has the 260 Hanson motor. It is huge and looked very intimidating.
I also have the Hawk Sport that I have been practicing with the trainer pod. I have only launched the Hawk 3 weekends. Lucky so far. I can hover and had gone only to my waist height. The trainer pod helps me save the heli from crashing. My orientation from the radio really helped with the constant practice on a Friend's G2 and my G-3. Also, I have a counterrotating Hirobo heli to practice indoor.
I have an electric Collective pitch Heli which I can hover but keeps the tail on going to the left side very severely.
I also have a Dragenflyer. Not really inspired with teh 4 rotor so it will be for sale soon.
Thanks to this thread, that my gasser will not go airborne till I built a trainer pod.