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Default Return of Lunchbox..

Loved R/C when I was a kid.. (eh.. 20+ yrs ago?) and worked in a toy store so I built many kits (like 50+?) for the store (for free, in exchange for good deals, LOL!) Anyway, have not played w/ RC for like 17 years..

A couple of weeks ago, during a web surfing session, somehow randomly went into some R/C website, and decided to go back into this hobby (and now with more financial power to support the hobby, LOL!)

Anyway, got a Lunchbox (thought I'd start w/ something easy and fun.. not looking for a race car or anything..) and got a nice Futaba 3PM radio w/ high torque metal gear servo.. 2 1900mA batteries, a digital peak charger.. full ball bearing.. Tamiya oil shocks..

Anyway, I also ordered a Wild Willy 2 as well.. as well as full Hop-Up kit.. (alum oil damper, another metal gear servo, full ballbearing, ESC that handles 13T motor, etc.)

Guess I am back into R/C in a big way, LOL!

Anyway, here's some pictures..

Click image for larger version

Name:	LunchboxBuild016.jpg
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Yes, the rear oil shock will arrive this week...

Click image for larger version

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Pulling some wheelie indoor.. !

Click image for larger version

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Get some air too!

Click image for larger version

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Just for the heck of it, I built a carbon fiber strut tower / chassis brace with 4 aluminum rivits holding it.. (this ain't coming out.. !)

Anyway, with the stock Tamiya TEU-101 ESC, what's the most powerful motor that it can handle? Not looking to spend way too much $$$ or risk trashing the gearbox, but something that's better than the stock 540 motor.. would the Tamiya 540 Sport Tune even worth upgrading? (I know the ESC can handle that..) Will it handle the 20T motor that came stock with some of the truck out nowadays?

I will work on putting on a 3rd oil shock on the back.. need to fabricate some bracket to provide more degree of freedom.. hmm..

Fun fun fun!