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Default RE: Solar Or Wind To Charge Field Box Battery?


You could easily use wind to charge the battery while driving down the road.
But you could also use the truck charger to do the same thing.

That said, any DC motor connected to the prop will charge the battery.
The problems you must deal with are regulating the speed of the prop so as to not destroy the motor.
Then you have to regulate the voltage so you don't burn up the battery.
The electronics to regulate the voltage would be a minor problem.
Regulating the speed a whole different world for my puny brain (I used to be an electronics technician).
You need to talk to a mechanical engineer or technician for that.

Is the battery really 285 ampere hours? That sounds really big.

Good Luck,
It says 285 cold cranking amps on the sticker. Typical lawn and garden tractor battery. The battery in the truck is 875 cold cranking amps.

Can't use the truck to charge it unless I do some really fancy wiring and voltage regulating. The larger truck battery will cross charge into the smaller tractor battery all the time. It will boil the smaller battery to death in short order.

I have a 1/2HP DC motor in the shop, but it weighs a ton. If I'm gonna lug that thing around, might as well just take the tractor battery out of the truck and put it on a battery charger in the shop. Maybe could get away with a little bitty 1/4HP or 1/5HP DC motor.

I like the idea of the small gas generator. 2-stroke Tecumseh engine on a little package generator. I'm looking into that right now.