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Default 1 ounce BackYard Flyers


Check the Indoor threads for info on the DU RFFS100 3.75 gram channel airborne flight pack.


The designer has bugged me a bit, asking why I posted the info on the Indoor forum and not the outdoor forum. It seems that he has 100's of outdoor flights on his RFFS100 and his 1 ounce "Lil Skeeter" because "there's lots of places, outdoors, to fly in when you only need a few feet to turn around in". So I'm posting it here, too.

Anyway the RFFS100 system is a 1.82gram receiver with an ESC built-in which proportionally controls two "micro servos" (proportional, not bang bang, actuators) which weigh about .96gram each. It's happy powering a KP00 motor on just two 50mah NiCd cells or 1 lithium cell. A week or so ago the designer flew for over 30 minutes nonstop on a full round trip walking/flying through the whole campground he's staying at in Florida.

Check it out!

Thanks allowing me to post this notice.

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