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Default RE: How long will glow fuel last?

You may find this thread on fuel quite interesting.

Also, here is a link on the [link=]University of Guelph[/link] website showing what was an AMA fuel safety alert about old fuel.
[link=]Fuel Safety Alert[/link]

Another fuel info link there.
[link=]Model Fuel[/link]

They have some interesting general R/C info there.
[link=]R/C Hints, Tips, & Construction[/link]

Your 2-1/2 year old fuel is probably okay. I have used 2 to 3 year old fuel that was fine. It was stored well in a cool dark place and had very little exposure to the air. I tried using some fuel that was 12 years old and I went through a month of hell with engines that seemed to tune okay and run fine on the ground, but would just shut off sometime in flight nearly every flight. New fuel cured all those problems for me.