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Default RE: ARF Building

that kinda service would depend entirely on your local market because this kinda of service would be a customer by customer service. It would also depend on what kinda of scale your planning on. Is it going to be out of your garage or are you getting serious and obtaining shop space and hiring people. In reality the only RC businesses that do well are selling to a national audience. People like to think that their hobby shop's are making a killing for what they charge, I'll tell ya first hand they ain't making crap. Also for this to be done on a national level would incur huge shipping bills. Personally I've built several planes RTF's ARF ARC's and a few kits for others. I don't recognise it as a business nor do I even claim it since my income from it is really nill. When I think about it even receiving 3 g's for building a 1/5 scale P-51, with the time I put into it and the cost of materials it really didn't make much maybe 450 bucks totaling about 3 dollars an hour woohoo. that kinda of customer is few and far between. Most ARF I'd get like 50 dollars profit getting 6 bucks an hour which is still below chump change status but I like doing it and it's on the side.

Basically I'd say don't call it a business. Just put a small ad in your club news letter and talk to guys at your local fields and see how many takers you get. Since this hobby breeds idiots there are plenty of people that will pay ya to build there models, those guy usually make great repeat business since there wallets out weight their flying ability, problem is they don't last long in the hobby[&o] A couple of my retired buddys have so many projects from other people they wanna go back to work to get a break