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Default RE: akernims? (pardon my funnyneticks)

I would stay away from the LA. Its an OK engine but lacks power. Fine for a trainer or sunday flyer but you will wish you had gone with a ball bearing engine if you get an acrobat.

Personally I wouldnt buy the OS. Why pay $115 for an OS 46AX when you can get a thunder tiger pro for $90. The super tigre 51 is a good engine and its only $80. A magnum 46 is also $80. All of these are good engines for $25-$35 less than the OS.

If you are new to engines I would go with the tt pro 46 its definetely as user friendly as an engine can get and it matches up to the OS 46 AX power wise.

I am really tempted to get a ST 51. At the price its a least worth a look.

If you really want a winning combo buy a tower muffler for the tt pro 46 for $15. For $105 total you will have a fantastic combo!