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Default RE: Oil on my servo connections

ORIGINAL: Flyboy1958

I just noticed I have oil soaked connections on my profile. The exhaust must have thrown the oil down the side of the fuselage and got into the servo connections, now what? Would it be safe just to spray the connections down with and electrical connection cleaner, wipe it down, then maybe use my airhose to blow the oil out? I hate to spend the money on new servos!
I have a trainer with close to 150hours or genuine air time on it. The aileron servo connector has some oil on it (don't know how as it's inside the fuse - but then I run an oil blowing LA) which is easily wiped down pre-assembly at the field.

The connectors have gone green but I've never suffered any problems. Some may call that luck but as long as you wipe them clean and the gunk isn't inside the connector it's not worth worrying about.

Dipping things in chemicals is more than likely going to break down the plastic faster than letting a little oil stay on it.