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Default RE: Oil on my servo connections

ORIGINAL: britbrat


I have a trainer with close to 150hours or genuine air time on it.

The connectors have gone green but I've never suffered any problems. Some may call that luck but as long as you wipe them clean and the gunk isn't inside the connector it's not worth worrying about.
That one is a potential problem.

I splashed a Seamaster last summer from exactly that -- corrosion on the battery-switch connector.

Yeah, should have been more specific. The only "gunk" I get is on my aileron servo connector, the rest are perfectly clean. I put this gunk down to being more exposed to contamination than the rest (wing on/off/cleaning etc). The green colour could be related to the fuel dye or the stuff I wipe down the plane with. Either way, I'm doubtful it's corrosion but I do wipe it off as much as possible.......full range checks also apply each flying day.