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Default RE: Byron Mustang w/Original Byron 50--Will it Fly?

Byron reduction drives are long since out of production, and the current offering from Iron Bay is quite different, presuming you can actually get one. See http://www.ironbaymodelcompany.com/

Similarly, parts for the original reduction drives are about as common as chicken lips, although you can find some items from Stock Drive Components which will work with a few mods.

The few ByroDrives I ever saw actually pulling a model through the air seemed considerably underpowered - the model simply didn't have enough power to fly well at all IMHO.

If I had a Byron model, I'd sure consider using a larger engine and if I wanted a reduction drive I'd be looking at Mick Reeves offerings. It's a belt setup which bolts directly to the engine - very solid installation.

I sold my ByronDrive along with the Q-42 several years ago because spare parts were not available, and I didn't want to be stuck with an irrepairable drive.