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Default RE: "Finished" airplane

Yes, I have "finished" dozens of planes!
When I build a plane that is not intended for scale competition, after 4 or 5 flights, it is "finished".
My planes need nothing, other than routine preventative maintenance.

When I build a scale airplane, it is typically never finished.
Even after flying it for a few years, I am still adding little details and changing things that I don't like about the plane.

However, I have been actively building and flying models for 29 years. Experience is the best teacher!
It took me 18 years to get to the point where my airplanes truely fly off the board and last hundreds of flight hours!

Also, I am a full scale mechanic / inspector and pilot.
Being a long time modeler made my full scale career easier, becuase I already knew much more about planes than than the average beginning mechanic and pilot.

My full scale career made my model building and flying skill improve, because I have to maintain a very high standard of safety.
Having flown models my whole life, I adapted very quickly in the cockpit of a Cessna 152, Soloing in just 6 hours!

My model flying improved drastically, after having flown full scale for a few of years. Because, now I truely understand how to fly a plane, and not just aim it!

It can be done!'