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Default RE: "Finished" airplane

Hi Ed,
Yes, 6 hours is very fast. Most student pilots accumulate 20-30 hours before soloing.
There are exceptions to this. I know 2 pilots that never flew anything, until starting flying lessons.
One soloed in 10 hours, the other in 11 hours. These pilots are "naturals" and were born to fly!

I had 2 advantages over them.

1. My dad was a recreational pilot.
So, as a little kid I got to go flying with him.
He died when I was 12. Otherwise, I probably would have been a pilot at the young age of 17!
2. Flying models gave me the instincts to fly a real plane.
Basically, I already knew how to fly a plane. I just needed to learn how to land safely and how to work the radios and instruments. (and get over sounding stupid on the radio,
like calling a wrong turn or broadcasting on the wrong frequency! Geez, THAT was embarrassing!)

By Mikes definition, I have finished about 30 planes!!!! (R/C, that is)