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Default RE: Byron Mustang w/Original Byron 50--Will it Fly?


I have a friend who wants to GIVE me an original Byron Mustang. It's been built, but never flown. Been hanging around his shop for close to 10yrs. It's got the reduction unit and 4-blade prop. All it needs is some minor cosmetic work, engine, electronics and a retract air tank.

I am looking at an original Byron 50 engine.

What did these planes weigh when built and ready to go?

I'm at 4500'--4800' elevation. Do you think this Bryon 50 will fly the plane?

What size servos should I put in it? 1/4 scale--or can I use 150oz digitals?

Step up to a more powerful gasser. This is very old technolgy. I watched a Byron P-51 fly on the original Byron 50 engine and gear reduction 4-bladed prop. At sea level, it was a DOG! The prop flexed like crazy which definitely didn't help the performance. The engine whinned and sounded like it was turning 20,000 rpm but the plane was barely moving. Put a nice DA 50 or 3W 50 into it and watch it really perform like a P-51 should.