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Default RE: "Finished" airplane

yes, I finish my planes. After I've built and tested flown a model. At around the 6-7th tank of fuel and motor is tuned in, It's done. general maintenance doesn't count. That includes a recover every other year since the manufacturers can't seem to make stuff that last anymore and an engine tear down probably once a year. If I though that way then the car I drive isn't done, the appliances in the house aren't done, the lawn sure ain't done and so on and so on. If I total a plane, it is either gutted and start something new or rebuilt, either way I consider it a new model. I've never lost a model on a maiden flight so I don't know how to classify it, I guess it ain't done cuss something wasn't right I acually just finished my sea fury this weekend. Got about 15 flights and the engine is tuned in, the second weekend in a row I've done nothing but put fuel in it, pump up the gear, start it and fly it. clean it de fuel and add afterrun oil. done[8D]