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Default RE: Byron Mustang w/Original Byron 50--Will it Fly?

I don't think the Byron Drive unit on this airplane will be needing repairs anytime soon. It's never been run.
That condition will likely change with the first prop strike. Those blades are really hard to find.

I did read a thread somewhere, maybe here or maybe over on RC Groups, about replacement blades being manufactured by a third party. Didn't note the particulars, but you may be able to find the thread with a little searching.

The one thing I will say about that original ByroDrive : the sound of that whopping propellor beating the air into submission was _very_ reminiscent of the 1:1 props you can hear in September at Reno. Really, _really_ awesome sound for a model. I think the reason Byron came up with the PurrPow'r muffler was to get the exhaust note lower than the prop note.

It was a most impressive sound.

Dunno what the Iron Bay version might sound like.

Also dunno what manner of 4-blade props you might be able to hang on a Reeves unit.

Lastly, there is a company making 4-blade props for warbirds, but I disremember the name. Seems like they advertise here or on RC Groups, or maybe both.

Rotsa ruck.