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Default 3-line tank, why won't it fill ?

As I pump fuel into my tank using a 3-line system, it will reach half full and then the pressure builds up then starts to empty the tank thru the vent line as well as the feed line pouring new fuel into the carb and muffler. I pinch-off the feed-line entering the carb and I get a gyser out of the vent line... what's up with that?
In a minute the fuel stops leaking and the pressure in the tank seems equalized but the tank is not quite half-full !. THe engine starts & runs fine this way on the test stand, as I want to test this tank before it goes in the plane after I break-in the engine.. it's a 14oz clear tank and the vent line is pointing up inside the bubble, the pick-up is plumbed correctly and the fill-line...well it's just the fill line!. Any suggestions for solving this...THanks for reading..