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Default RE: Field chargers?


Ive been using the Sirius charger from Peak Electronics for
about 4 years now. It is simply great. Nothing to set. No buttons
to push. No displays to decipher. Just plug it in.

It does a RX pack and your TX at the same time.
Ive used nothing else since I got it.

It doesnt discharge but a companion unit is
available for that purpose.

If you like to keep things simple with no fuss
then consider the Sirius.

Mike Hammer

I agree with Mike! The Sirius charger from Peak Electronics get a big thumbs up!
I too have been using one for a couple of years...takes all the worry and stress out of TX and RX battery issues.

No need to plan ahead to charge the night before... simply plug in (12 volt power)... finish eating breakfast... and your set to head to the field...

Long day at the field??? Easy to top of your batteries from your car's 12 volt power...

very easy to use...

Best piece of field equipment I own!! Highly Recommended!!!