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Default RE: More Gorilla glue questions

Yes, you would get quicker cure times by misting. It can set without added moisture, but how long depends on the humidity in the air.

As you work with and get to know poly glues, you can do all sorts of stuff with it. Try aiming a monokote heat gun (12 inches away at least) at the glue sometime. See those bubbles? See it expand right before your eyes? Now lay a bead on a piece of cardboard. Mist it, and set in a warm 80 degree enviorment. Take another piece of cardboard and another bead. Don't mist it, and leave it at 70 degrees or room temerature. You will be amazed at the difference in set times. This also helps one understand the characteristics of this glue.

Last night I had firewall repair on my TwinStar. Those 40 LAs proved to be too much pull for the joke of a gusset system they used. I removed the old gussets, dremeld the area clean, and lay down polyglue beads in the corners after I misted behind the firewall. I used 3/8 basswood for gussets, applying the polyglue to the corner of the gusset where it contacs the firewall and nacelle side. I didn't clamp for 15 minutes, as i wanted the poly to expand inside the tabbed area of the firewall. Mission accomplished. No way in heck are those firewalls coming loose now.