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Default RE: Field chargers?

It depends on the capacity of the battery pack under test and
the load that is placed on it. Normally Nicads are discharged to
1.1 volts per cell. Thats 4.4 volts for a standard receiver pack.

The Peak Electronics Super Test can discharge 4, 5 or 8 cell
packs at 125, 250 or 500 ma. So a 1000ma receiver pack if
fully charged would take 2 hours to discharge at 500ma or
4 hours at 250ma.

You normally discharge at a rate similar to what the pack
would see in service. I use 125ma for receiver packs
in my airplanes and 500ma for the helicopters and 250ma
for my transmitter packs.

Nicads are so much better these days than in the past
a lot of cycling is not necessary. I do it maybe once
a month or so during the season on a rainy day and
a couple times over the winter. And as a check before
putting a pack into service that hasnt seen action in a while.

Mike Hammer