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Default RE: fuel question

saito suggests using 18% oil for there motors... 30% nitro will give you a noticable difference in performance. for example i have a 40 size bi-plane with a saito 82. with 15% i can barly hold it at a hover and if it slips to one side the hover will fail... with 30% i can climb out of the hover.

there is no such thing as 2-stroke or 4 stroke fuel. if your running both 2 and 4 stroke engines 16% will be fine. but make sure not to lean the mixture out too much in a 4 stroke or you could shorten its overall life considerably... even 16% is ok for 4-strokes. my suggestion is that if you have 16% oil 15% nitro and want to increase the oil content. you can buy a quart of castor oil from your local store. adding 1.5 oz of castor oil will increase your oil content aprox 2%. using a higher oil content will not hurt your 4-strokes. the higher the oil content the richer the engine will sound. ive used 24% oil with 30% nitro and have no problems at all.

WARNING: do not add castor oil to synthetic blends. most 30% or higher fuel will be mixed with synthetic oil instead of castor. it will say on the bottle if its synthetic or castor.
WARNING: too much oil content in a 2-stroke engine will cause its performance to drop. you will lose rpm's and will be forced to run the engine richer to acomidate there being less fuel in the mix.