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Wow, I didn't know anyone would recognize "slog bitsko fignut". Yeah that came from a very old MAD magazine about how to fix your own TV. I wish I still had it, I remember it totally cracked me up. I can't remember when I last posted but it was no more than about a year ago I think. When I registered I tried all kinds of usernames and every time it was always taken so I tried slog bitsko fignut and finally got registered. I've had a lot of fun with that phrase, like trying to get people to say it, most could't. Another one I still remember from the same MAD mag is "frensic freen modulator". Do remember that one? I worked on TV's some and used to tell people the frensic freen modular needs fixing, stuff like that, hehehe. I'm 62 and that was many many years ago when that issuse came out. I wish I could find it, you wouldn't know what year or what issue that was would you. Well the wife's got supper ready soI gotta go. Thanks for the post, I was really surprised.
Big Pete