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Default RE: what will happen in the future for r/c?

I’m no expert on anything. Not sure who qualifies as one for these questions.

I doubt gas prices are coming down. I would love to be wrong. I also drive a full size truck with V8 engine. It’s paid off; can’t buy and operate a new economy vehicle, that will carry my planes, cheaper than putting gas in the truck. I drive 45 miles each way to the flying field. If it gets to the point I can’t afford to drive out there I’m out of RC.

Many clubs are losing fields due to development and are moving farther away.

Electric park flyers and indoor flyers may be the future. If so, I’m out. Those models do not interest me.

We have enough wind in Dallas almost every day to make it where I wouldn’t feel safe flying a park flyer in the parks around here. Too many kids, pets, joggers, etc all the time. Accidentally hit anyone and you’ve got a lawsuit to deal with and possibly criminal negligence charges. No thanks. This obviously would be worst case scenario but the possibility is there.

Indoor flying. You have to find a place big enough that is willing to let you fly. Chances are that will have an hourly rate attached. And you have to be a good enough pilot to avoid the ceiling and walls. I’m not that good.