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Default RE: what will happen in the future for r/c?

Well Guys,
The future of gas powered R/C models is up to us, the people who fly gas powered R/C planes, jets and heli's.
I have been flying for 28 years. Iv'e flown at alot of different fields.
In that time I have only lost 2 flying fields.

One was shut down because of noise complaints.
As a club, we found another field about 4 miles from the one we lost. It's been 13 years and were still their.

The other club lost their field because a golf course bought the land we had been leasing for over 50 years!
That was a tough loss! But, again, we found another field about 5 miles away. Still there 1o years later.

So, it is up to you! Get involved with clubs. Promote Fly-Ins, get the public out to see how much fun this is.
Get kids hooked on it. Hey, it kept me out off the streets as a kid. Now I have a full scale aviation career and still fly models.

If you don't want to make the exra effort, then you may as well pack it up, sell all your stuff and take up golfing...............

By the way, don't discount electrics. They get me through my luch break.....................