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Default Superwasp knife edge

I have a ST 45 with stock muffler. i built my with 1 aleron servo. I would recommend building with 2 servos in the wing. Makes it easier to repair, setup, and you can mix in flaps, spoilers. You also won't have to worry about your rods flexing. I used all stock JR radio equipment w/ 600mh battery. my weight was 4 lbs. 5 oz exactly. It flies great at that weight. I probably could have built mine just a tad bit lighter. It wood be even better closer to 4 lbs even. I used the 1 wheel job. I don't like it. I would go with standard profile landing gear up front and use a tail wheel in the back.

I built my with a stock rudder. If I build me another I would add a little to the rudder and to the stab. I think the wasp needs little more rudder authority.

I fly my wasp with a 11x4 APC prop. 10oz tank. I need to go to an 8 oz tank. I really like the way it flies with the CG starts moving back after i burn some fuel. I can take off and go straight up until out of sight. I really love this plane. My plane flys really well with a 11x4. I flew it last weekend with a 12.25 x 3.75. and didn't like it. I don't think my motor has enought power to spin it fast enough. If you havene't figure it out yet, super wasp don't knife edge very well. But I learned to hover on this plane. Tail slides are good too. It hovers super easy compaired to everything I have flown. Paul Swanny got it to do an inverted flat spin last weekend.