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Default RE: AMA E Membership

ORIGINAL: 50%plane

Well, Joyce Hager just emailed me. You probably got the same email, but if you didn't, here it is:
I think the program is a good idea. I also think this poll of the membership is biased to shoot it down.

"1) Given your current involvement in the hobby, would an "electric only" program as described above better meet your needs?

2) If such an alternative membership program was offered, would you be inclined to choose this program over your existing full-service membership?"

This program was very clearly intended by those that proposed it to attract e-flyers that are not currently in the AMA fold. These questions are directed at current members, and the responses to the questions are clearly intended to demonstrate that some members will opt for the $29.95 membership deal and drop their current $58 membership.
I doubt that Joyce Hager is behind this email, but she has a boss and I don't doubt that you know who that is.