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Default RE: GSP Giles 202

I had forgotten about this thread ,,I have sense built 2 more of these planes ,,and all three flew very well..have to do allot extra work on them ,,but worth it in the end .......Look at my gallery my latest one in the orange one,,and it too flys like one string ,,I went with a 3w150,,the new hi tech 5955 on the elevators,,and we are at 4200 ft...plenty of power ,,it came in at 37.8,,I did cut out lots of the plywood ,,in the hatch and turtle deck ,,,balanced right on the wing tube they say it should be in front of it but it flys better balanced on the tube ,,I have heard bad reports on their customer support but I have had no problems,,they even sent me 3 canopy's till I got a good one ,,no questions asked ,,they had a flaw one side was real thick and the other was paper thin ,,,,over all the plane is built ok ,,but you better double check everything ,,I did not use the stab hold on method I did a mod there with 2 tabs that bolt to the fuse ..
Make sure the servo box's a glued well on all three of these I found one or two that needed to be re glued