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Default RE: Fancy a FunFactor 6061 ARO chassis?

ORIGINAL: poor judgement

As a point tho - FunFactor spares are a lot easier to get hold of than NX or Magnum bits, so I would prefer to stick with FF parts.

Poor judgment…

OK… good point about the NX parts. Lets stick with the FF parts, and the JT sized chassis. If CEN gets NX parts out to market… and enough people want the chassis stretched even more… I guess I can make a change later. A few mm’s isn’t that hard. I’ll just leave enough room on my tooling fixture to allow for the stretch.

Also, thanks for the pics. The two top shots tell me what I needed to know… but I need a better… well, a different side shot. It needs to be more at 90 degrees to the chassis. (straight side shot) I think my idea will work! I’ll check the other thread for a picture.

Lastly… I'm most certainly using your drawing. You do good work, and I don’t have a truck to measure from. You will get full credit, and the prototype.