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Default RE: Funtana X100

ORIGINAL: aerobatixkid

The original funtana 90 was overweight? Mine came in at just 8 pounds with a Saito 150, it flew too light for my taste.
8 lbs? No kidding. Well, too heavy for a 100 or even 125 anyway. Mine was about 8.5 with the 100 and now it's 9.25 with the 180.

I bet it won't weigh or fly all that much different. The wing rock is hardly noticeable on mine even without any spoilerons, and it does float a lot on landing.

The wings were always nice and light. Since the fuse is all lite ply, it will be difficult to remove any more weight from that. You just have to get lucky on the wood selection picked by the overseas maker.

At Toledo I was going to ask Mike McConville if they did anything to address the tail heavy issue when all components are mounted as recommended, but I was way past all that myself and didn't want to beat any dead horses. I'm sure he's heard it all and they'e doing what they can.