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Default RE: Funtana X100

Yours is the lightest Funtana I've ever heard of. Most are 9.5 to 10.0 lbs. Mine was right at 10lbs with the Saito 150. I changed to a YS110 and changed the battery, the tires, the landing gear and got it to 9lbs 6ozs. I then promptly gave it away. The most hated airplane I ever had. I never could get it to balance right either.

If you check the forums you'll see that most have the same experience I had.

Anyways, I'm hoping the X will be lighter. I have a 110 I'd like to find a good home for. This looks pretty nice but I'm trying to guesstimate the weight. Apparently Hanger 9 isn't willing to risk a published weight. At least I can't find one.