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Default RE: Funtana X100

ORIGINAL: Barry Cazier

Apparently Hanger 9 isn't willing to risk a published weight. At least I can't find one.
They're probably smart to do this. 3D flyers know that no matter what they say about the performance, it will probably need more power than they recommend, and once they publish the weight that's the beginning of the spiral for people recommending better components, engine/radio /airframe upgrades, more cost, etc. Usually, any PR is good PR, but I think most guys would see it as a half hearted remake with a new gimmick of the SFG's. This way, we need to sit back and wonder before we actually start criticizing anything.

I like my F90, but it took a lot of work to iron out everything for the way I like. I still think it's one of the best deals around though at $200. You can outfit it the way they say and it will be a docile pattern plane, or spend more bucks and turn it into a $1500 3D machine. I'm sure the new one will also offer lots of possibilities.