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Hi Guys

After seeing the pictures of the SFG on the WEB, I have made some for the Funtana 40. They work great. They reduce tip stall, almost eliminate wing rock in the Harrier, and it spins like a pin wheel in a blender. High alpha Knife Edge is now a breeze, as well as Knife edge loops. The stall is more predictable, and it has given me the confidence to perform Blenders and Parachutes really low. In terms of power, I have a Saito 90 in mine. Wish I had the 100 though. Outside the states, we are not keen to use the amounts of Nito that are needed with smaller engine choices.

I have an ASP 180 4 stroke in my Funtana 90, and it has great power and pulls well out of the hower. All up weight is around 9.5 pounds. The aircraft is quite happy at this weight. It will certainly tip stall if you let it though. Just need to ensure that you have plenty of elevator, and a rearward CG to transision past the stall quickly. I have started making SFG for it as well, which, I hope, will produce similar results as it did on the 40.

I love flying the current ones, but the new range look great, which, I'm sure, will create many more fans.