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I have thought the same thing as to the ultrasonic idea. To that end I bought an old Poloroid with the idea of hacking the board-there are/were some sites to do that. I also bought a garage gizmo that works off ultra sound and triggers a green, yellow, and red light as you get to about 2' from a wall. I have a BTA 06 autopilot, and an older gyro which I thought if you could line up on the approach and engage, would keep you on the approach. The problem, I think, with the barometer is that it's more of a 'hold' device. I don't understand how you could program a descent. Maybe with the new baro sensors, and some neat programming, you could 'hand off' between several sensors set at varying altitudes. It's been done! There was a neat site of the F-16 twin turbine project that North Carolina State (?)did-it ultimately crashed. The Predator has I think an ALS system. The first one was done in 1937 with a Fokker and 'State of the Art' 1937 radio gear.