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Default RE: Fancy a FunFactor 6061 ARO chassis?

Hi guys,

I made a similar post over on the case thread… But…

I’m very sorry for my absence lately. I’ve been doing some traveling for work, and most of my other free time has been used getting ready for the arrival of my first kid. (the traveling was most of it)

OK… now that that’s out of the way.

This project will have to go in a few steps since I don’t own a FF. First I’m going to make up a chassis as per Poorjudgment’s drawings. (no extra cutouts) then, after doing some fine tuning, and tweaks… I’ll put in the cutouts, and re work the brace. (not sure which way yet)

I need to order some 6061 to get started… so I would say I will have a first shot cut in about a week.

Hey Poorjudgment…

What was the retail, and close out price on the JT chassis kit? (I assumed it was the pan, braces and shock towers)

FYI to all: My chassis will not come with the towers. But they can be ordered separately.


I’ll have to do some measuring on my T-maxx… but I think this chassis will still be too short to use the Maxx bodies. But… once we get this going… I may be able to do a super stretch to make it Maxx compatible. (the center drive shaft will have problems though)

Thanks for the understanding guys.