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I don't think being a 'newbie' has anything to do with it. I expect a good electronics engineer, who happened to fly RC, could design something pretty easily. I looked at the laser measuring devices, seems they are limited pretty much to 50'. I'm confident there are several ways to go about this, partly, I think one has to just decide on some parameters and then work toward them. I don't have a lot of hours, but, I've flown high wings, low wings, a U/L, and a Schweizer sailplane and they have similarities, for example, you have one altitude you seek to attain when you are on your downwind leg. We all pretty much know where our models are when we turn base but, I don't have a clue what the actual altitude is for mine. I'd guess +/- 100'. It would be desirable to make a long, straight in approach, but I rarely see anyone do it with a model. Guys with gps/overlay experience know what the 'target' altitude is when they hit their last waypoint. My point is, a linear approach may be better, but I think a stepped approach might be easier to program. I think you need some kind of 'artificial horizon' -like the numbers on the runway- to aim for that would trigger the light, or heat sensors-kind of like what the FMA copilot reads. Anyway, it's a fun exercise.