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Default 1st real flight coming up either Saturday or Tuesday.

I have over 40+ hours on my AFPD flight sim because I enjoy the Sim so much but 0 real flight time. I have always been interested in RC planes and heli's since I 1st heard one buzzing around some 30 years ago. I tried a Heli about 20 years ago but sold it after a few weeks. (never got it off the ground more than a foot on purpose or for more than 30 secs at a time). I decided a flight sim would be great to get started in the hobby so I would be use to the control reversing when flyng toward me. I wanted to get a slow and stable plane that would fly around me close in and could not understand why people wanted to fly overpowered fast planes but after a few weeks on the flight sim I was turning into a speed freak and the slow floaty planes got real boring. I was looking at the Aerobird or the Easystar to get started but came across a good deal on a SlowStick and went that route. I know the Slowstick is about the easist plane to start with and very tough so I guess it's a good thing since I will be flying on my own. I really feel I have already outgrown this plane and I have not even flown for real yet. I guess we will see how Flying in the flight sim converts to the real thing in a few days. I am so cocky I don't expect to crash it till I start doing stuff I shouldn't but ordered a few extra props just in case. I already want a GWS C-130 4 engine Cargo Plane and a Jet. The most fun plane on the sim to fly is the C-130 because it looks so real the way it flys and I could really get into a 150 mph flyover.