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Default RE: Building the Mick Reeves Hawker Hunter

ORIGINAL: mick reeves

Can anyone show me a good photo of the fighting cock logo on Hunter XF515. If I ever get the time to rebuild my prototype, I would like to finish it in that scheme.
Fixing the pushrod O ring in place, try a short piece of brass tube which is a tight fit.
Gordon, would you mind if I put a picture of your Hunter on my site? Better, how about a shot out in the sunshine?
Thanks , Mick
Mick - I have several pics of the fighting cock, along with .psd etc images that I used for getting the decals made, thanks to a lot of extremely helpful people here on RCU who helped find a suitable pic and even took the time to do tidy-up artwork for me totally free of charge. BTW, Corgi also does a Hunter model finsihed in that same scheme.

PM me your current email address and I will shoot them across to you early next week (I'm heading down to a jet meet right after work today, so won't be near my home computer until Sun / Mon). Let me know if you have any size or bandwidth issues with your ISP (i.e. should I send a couple of pics at a time rather than all bundled up into one larger zip file, etc).

You're welcome to use any of my pics you like - construction shots for any manual updates if you wish, and / or 'posing' shots of the (not quite) completed aircraft for whatever use you wish. If you want larger pics than are posted on the site (since RCU resizes them to keep filespace under control) then just identify the pic by the post number and the row / column position of the pic and I will shoot you my larger pics.

I'll post some better later, hopefully take some better ones without so much crap in the background, in decent light etc., and with the seat & pilot in place etc. - yesterday's pics were just a "by the way" afterthought as I moved stuff temporarily out of the garage to get room to pack my van for the trip to California Jets.

For the o-ring - as far as I can tell, I was getting the ring well seated. I even used a vernier to take a measurement of the depth of the recess, and the thickness of the o-ring, so that I could verify that the o-ring was being pushed fully into the recess. Seemed to be all the way in. Late last night though, I noticed that there was a small spot of 'crud' (that's a technical term for some kind of indeterminate dirt) sitting fairly solidly on the pushrod on that one cylinder. My supposition at this point is that as the pushrod slid in & out through the small o-ring, that crud effectively increased the diameter of the pushrod at that spot, so that that one spot had more resistance ; over a number of cycles that just caused the o-ring to dislodge. If my guess is right then I just have to be extremely careful about keeping the pushrods clean in order to avoid a repeat of the issue.