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Default RE: 1st real flight coming up either Saturday or Tuesday.

Had another great flight this evening. The wind must have been alot stronger than I though earlier. I had a breeze this evening that I would guess was 3-5 mph and it was very managable. Got a longer flight since I could back off the throttle. This has got to be the easiest r/c plane to land there is. I was worried about the wheels not rolling well while landing but they don't have to roll much. This plane glides so slow by the time it lands it is not moving forward it just kinda sits down like a bird. Think I am going to the motor and glide around a bit next flight to see how long it will stay up. Really wanting a plane that can handle 10 mph wind now so I am not so limited as to when I can fly, but I can see why this plane is so highly recommended as a trainer. The slower the better while learning and knowing that parts are cheap to repair if you do mess up takes alot of pressure off the thought of making a mistake.