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Default RE: Why turbines are banned?

Hi All,

Thanks for all the input. My field Prado completely banned turbines whether it's fire hazard season or not. It's totally understandable that turbine is restricted during dry season. It's just that zero tolerance toward turbine is just unsounded. It's the wreckless turbine flyers that give us the bad names. Restricting the size of turbine or amount of fuel will restrict the size of turbine that they can fly. In doing so we are able to limit the envelope of flights due to the smaller size, speed, and energy. I have some large and small turbine planes. They are all fun in different way. A wren 44 powered plane with only 32 oz of fuel, going at 150mph still gives me the same thrill as of a F15 with 22lbs thrust at full throttle. Perhaps, it's possible to put the turbine size in different class, like Class A,B, & C. Each club can pick and choose what's class' acceptable to them. Any input on this?