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Default RE: Slipping Turrent


I've used tht SEAD trick on a my tanks, and it does help. The Pershing is the tightest tank to wire, and cables can cause a lot of trouble. Since the problem only happens in one direction, it is probably wire related, and not the clutch slipping. Some like to bind all the cables together with small zip ties. Some like to let them run free. I like to bundle them up, but be prepared to use a lot of ties during maintenance. Next you might want to consider going to some other type of connector to get more room inside the tank. The Tamiya connectors are pretty big. I replaced mine with Deans connectors


While I was at it, I got rid of the 'Y' connector and soldered the MFU MDU to one connector. If you have more than one tank, you got to decide whether to convert all the batteries AND your charger, or just make an adapter for you battery's Deans plug and your charger's Tamiya plug.

Some people also modify or even delete the speaker box to free up interior space. You could cut the bottom off the box, or just keeping the speaker mounted it to a sheet of plex.

If the clutch is slipping all the time, Tom's gear is a permanent fix. In the short term, you can put a few drops of CA glue on the clutch, and hit it with some accelerator. Don't recommend that you try spinning the turret manually too much after doing this. Make sure you rotate it to the 'pop off' position before shutting down for the day.

Good luck

Kevin O'C