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Default RE: single vs. dual conversion receivers

ORIGINAL: barracudahockey

The main advantage of dual conversion is noise rejection. At the range you will be flying its a non issue.
While I agree conceptually, at our level with R/C Receivers this is not an issue with currently available quality SC RX's. JR, Berg, MPX and Schulze have proven this for years; Giant scale thru Parkflyers...

The DC receiver and its inherent ability to offer higher suppression of the image frequencyWAS useful years ago. Components have come along away and with the improvement seen with or of 455 KHz filters and the integration of Microprocessor decoding techniques the importance of same has been become all but moot IMO.

Granted there are some inexpensive SC RX's out there that are less than stellar performers.

If the RX is specified as a FULL range unit and or a mile plus RANGE, it’s all good for your glow powered models.

To ensure you have a viable flight system, as always perform a rigorous range check prior to committing the model to flight.