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Let me try to add some details. Zenoah G-62 engine.20' wood prop painted black with red and white strips. Fueler on Cowl. Cowl heald on with 4 screws on inside. Pilot was wearing white shirt with blue jean pants. Wife made. Pilot has beard, heald in with Velcro. JR 8411 on ailrons. JR 517 on Flaps (4) Rudderservo is a 1/4 big Hitec with pull/pull system. Elevator servos Maybe Hitec 645's Red arms on servo.Futaba Rec.on Channel 28 with NiMetal 4 cell batt. There is 2 full seats. Front cocpit is open and SW is in front cocpit on left side. Ign.sw is on top of firewall eccess is under top of cowl.
I hope this helps. Maybe the others will get online when they home.
Let me add some more info now that I have settled now a little.
For those not familar with this kit. It has a fiberglass fusealage , Foam wing and tail feathers balsa covered. I used jerry nelson Lite fab and it may be lifting it places.