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Default Lets See Some Fun Fly Plane Pics

Dave's right about the Stickit. If there is a better " in your face " plane made, I don't know what it is. I seldom fly mine about 10 ft. off the ground or more than 100 ft. away. Perfect machine for benchtop touch and goes, pit hovering, etc.
( Not that I do those things ! ) I think some of the profiles and a couple others are maybe a shade better in some areas... like tumbles, spins, K.E. flight... I'll give them their credit too... but man I have never had as much fun flying anything as I have the Stickit. Everything is slow and low.
Like 10 mph or less, often much less. Gives even me a chance to stay ahead of the plane. One maneuver I was never good at was rolling circles. I'd always dumb thumb it in the middle somewhere. Always. The Stickit will fly slow enough without stalling that a rolling circle is easy now. my personal fun meter is pegged. The only other plane I ever had that came close was a coroplast delta I built a few years ago... but thats another story.. actually another thread... check out disc plane thread.