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Default RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...

Figure Id best keep updating to avoid any hijack issues - all RCU memberships should be carried in a clear plastic bag please guys...

Steel 47/44 spurs turned up with a 14/17 steel Cen bell. Spurs are not as light as Id like, but feel lighter than the Genesis setup, but not much.

Waiting on an email back for the ebay fun - its a Schumacher Swift, Ive been offered it for a good price, so long as he didnt relist it while I was at work today, jobs a good un... Hoping to use the relevant parts for the shaft conversion, check out the shocks etc. If the MT and the .30 destroy themselves, at least I got a cheap buggy. Equally if it does work out ok, then I can part it out and recoup most, if not all my money. Cant lose... Buggy is complete btw, minus radio gear but it is brand new.

Ill take the spurs and bell to work tomorrow and do a hardness test on them, see how they compare to the other bits I tested out.

Savage header is on its way also. I might have put a bid on an alloy pipe too... not sure, will check... damn beer...