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Default RE: mid price level radio to purchase

ORIGINAL: fun2goman

can some1 explain the difference between FM, PCM, and SYNTHESIZED. which would be the best for helis and why? thanks guys.

Barracudahockey has laid out most of the information you asked about, but I'll throw in a couple of other thoughts.

PCM is brand specific, i.e. you must use the same brand tx and rx for it to work. PPM allows the use of other brands provided they use the same positive or negative shift, i.e. a Futaba tx with a HiTec rx.

I'm not sure about other brands, but Futaba synthesized module equipped tx's don't play well with all other brand negative shift rx's in the PPM mode. I've been told that the synthesized modules for the 9C series are not as finicky, but since I've not tried a synthesized module on my 9C I can't say, but the synthesized module on my 9Z won't play with most other brand PPM rx's that I've tried. It won't run the rx on the Blade CP, won't play with the new HiTec OS5's I use on my foamies, but will play with the little 6 channel HiTec rx I have in a trainer I keep around.