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Default BME 115 is Shipping and Flying

The BME 115 is now being manufactured and is starting to ship. Keith has confirmed my order, so I should have mine in a week or so. I do not have any pictures yet, but the link provided will tell the story (better than I can) and show a few pictures.

Here is some commentary from Kris on this engine.

It sports a HUGE reed block, and much larger carburetor, less complicated rear mounting flange, the new BME 12-bolt "Universal" prop hub (both large and small 6 bolt patterns for DA and 3W), with 10mm center pilot and an 8mmx1.25 thread retaining stud for the propeller.

Ignition is still the proven Falkon, with a custom advance curve dialed into the unit, and using the more durable Falkon pickup assembly in lieu of the old style Hall effect transistor and wires.

Weight is actually 2 ounces LIGHTER than a 110, and RPM increase is reputed in the 250-300 rpm range.

Several design notes. The casing is now a one-piece item, with a rear cover/mounting plate and front crankshaft/casing piece. This allows for less wieght, greater structural rigidity, less leak-prone seams between casing halves, and simpler assembly. Close examination of the output shaft housing shows that the casing does not come straight down from the sides, then blend forward into the housing, but actually is undercut toward the inside of the engine, and begins INSIDE the main casing. A definite weight saver, and probably stronger than the usual design.

One striking design feature that comes to mind .. the crankcase works in either direction, and is symmetrical. Hmmmmmm. . .wonder how hard it would be to bolt a spacer plate between TWO 115's, to make a 4-banger. . . . . .